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How to play slot machines

In the past, people would cross their fingers for a horizontal combination in slot machines, but thanks to the continuous evolution of technology, this is no longer the case. If you make a good choice, you can benefit from horizontal, vertical and even diagonal wins.

It is important that players invest time and energy to learn about slot machines, as well as the type of payouts they offer.

Our team has analyzed the online casinos and selected the slot machines with the best payout possibilities. You can also practice the game in the free slots version.

Slot machines are played with chips instead of “real money”. These chips look a little like the ones used in poker, with each one assigned a monetary value.

Rules for Slot Machines

While in land-based casinos, no one decides the value of the chips issued by the house, in online casinos, players own the fate of their chips, deciding on the value of each chip.

How to get bonuses for slot games

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All the online casinos recommended here offer welcome bonuses for new players.

The casino bonuses mostly include free spins, so you can play slots with free spins as soon as you register on the site.

Go to the website of your chosen online casino and click to register. Bonus information is always available before you even start your registration. Read the terms & conditions for purchasing bonuses carefully.

When you register at the casino, fill in your details and choose a payment method.

After making your first deposit, you will be eligible to use the bonus offer to increase your chances of winning.

Online Slots Variants

The rules and techniques for online slot machines are virtually the same as for land-based casino slots. The online gambling is just as safe as the physical machines, since reliable online casinos use random number generators, i.e. there is no manipulation of the results.

At online casinos, the gaming experience is dynamic and interactive, with software features that surpass slot machines in physical establishments. You will find themed games like the Halloween slot machine and many other themes based on movie characters.

Check out the online slots variants below:

Multiplier Games – Multipliers

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If you want to multiply your luck (and your winnings), the Multiplier variation is the best choice. In Multiplier games, the more coins you put in (up to the maximum allowed, which is usually five coins, but can be more), the bigger the payout you can win. It is important to bear in mind that each extra coin is key to multiplying the payout. So, if three symbol combinations pay 10 when playing one chip, the game will pay 50 for five chips. That said, depending on the game, sometimes the payout is multiplied by more than the amount of chips you played, when wagered the maximum amount allowed.

Multi-Line Games

In the past, you only got paid in a slot machine if three symbols on the centre row of the machine matched, or if you had a special symbol that paid without matching all three. This system was applied in slot machines for a long time until the Multi-Line method was implemented. In a Multi-Line machine, the top, bottom and side lines of the machine are also taken into account when calculating wins or losses, depending on the amount of money bet to activate them. This means that some machines allow for payouts on horizontal, diagonal, as well as angled lines, which greatly increases your chances of winning. This slot machine variant is a favorite among players.

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