Not to Sleep

How to Help Yourself Not to Sleep?

Sleep is an essential part of our life. However, we frequently struggle with waking ourselves up. Here are some useful tips that will help you overcome the desire of sleeping.

Do breathing exercises

There are many options for breathing exercises, which are designed to drive away sleep. All of them are aimed at enriching the blood with oxygen. If you’re not ready to explore possible techniques, or can’t combine concentration exercises with work, try the simplest option – breathing to music. Turn on a moderately rhythmic song and start breathing to the beat of the melody: inhale through your nose, hold your breath for a second and exhale through your mouth. Such exercises can be performed from several minutes to an hour, the main thing is to ensure you do not feel dizzy.

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Stimulate biologically active points

Stimulate biologically active points

According to Eastern medicine, there are many points in the human body, the stimulation of which can lead to certain reactions of the body and even to recovery from certain diseases. So the pressure on the base of the bridge of the nose, massage of the lobes and rubbing of the ears will help fight sleep. Also, drowsiness will save the pressure of the nails on the fingertips.

Take a gum

Chewing movements will definitely not let you fall asleep and increase the brain’s ability to concentrate. It’s great if the chewing gum turns out to be mint or citrus – a fresh and sour taste will be more effective in combating drowsiness.

Turn on the light brighter

No wonder doctors recommend going to bed in the dark – this is how our body produces melatonin, the sleep hormone. If it’s getting dark or it’s already dark outside the window, and you work in dim light, the body perceives darkness as a signal to sleep. To drive away drowsiness, turn on the light, and the brighter the better. The opposite advice – if you are overcome by drowsiness during the day due to nocturnal insomnia, be sure to go to bed in darkness and silence. Daytime sleepiness will not go away while you fall asleep under the TV or even more so under the light of a lamp.

Create pain

Create pain

This is a method in case of an emergency, for example, while driving a car or with an urgent task. Pain is a strong irritant that will quickly and effectively bring the brain out of a state of drowsiness. Just do not overdo it, because strong pain, although it will make you wake up, will not allow you to concentrate on other things.

Sleep in case

The fact that there is no strength left after a daytime sleep, and in the evening it is impossible to fall asleep is a myth. Of course, if you fall out of life for 2-3 hours, then you are guaranteed a broken state, but 15-30 minutes of sleep will help the body regain strength. Today, large companies have even begun to install special capsules in break rooms in which employees can take a nap. Short naps have been proven to stimulate creativity and provide energy for the rest of the day at work.

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